Christmas With The Clarks

     Christmas With The Clarks

Merry Christmas from The Clark Family
Jerry, Jeanne, Matt, Ben & Brad

Merry Christmas everyone!  You know, nothing says "Joy To The World" like some festive holiday yard art!  At least that's what Wal-Mart says.  They also say to read the directions before you deck your halls, but hey - we have three enthusiastic adolescents that were ready to dive in and help.  Don't worry about Ben in the picture.  The paramedics were there in a jiffy, and after a couple of snorts on the old oxygen bottle, he was good as new.  In a brain cell-depleted sort of way.

Anyway, we wish the best of this holiday season from our family to yours, and hope you can remember to put the silliness of the season (see photo) aside for a moment to be thankful for all the many blessings that have been poured out on you this year.  And above all, be thankful that the Lord loved us enough to send His Son to redeem us all!


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Some of you that have made the annual pilgrimage to this shrine of holiday goofiness in the past know we've been at the Christmas Card Photo thing for awhile.  In fact, with this edition, it's been ten years now!  Just look at those boys.  In 1995, they could scarcely climb the running boards on the Suburban, and now look at them.  It's hard to take cute pictures when they're taller than us. By next year, Matt will be gone off to college, and let's face it - ten years is enough of anything.  So, we're reverting to paper-based cards next year, maybe with actual hand-writing in them!  

Just for old-time's sake, click on a thumbnail at left to relive some of those magical moments of the past with us.

On, Max!


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